Technical support & equipment

Belarus has several rental houses with wide range of equipment (light, cameras and lenses, dolly, crane) of major companies: Arri, Kinoflo, Dedolight, Red, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, MovieTech, GFM, Panther. Some specialized equipment can be brought in from abroad.

Equipment range includes both both as regular filming equipment (cameras, light, dolly) and equipment for special effects (wind, smoke, snow, fog generators, hazers, rain generators), equipment for extreme filming – multicopters / drones, cable cam systems, handheld 3-Axis camera gimbals, aquabox, autogrip (car grip).

Predators Cable Cam Die Hard Cable Cam Bourne Ultimatum Cable Cam

Film studios / pavilions

Belarus also has several studios with different suitable options for comfortable filming process – studios of different size for building a decoration and cycloramas (infinite floor) with chromakey.

Film Studios in Belarus
Film Studios in Belarus

Soundrecording studios

There are several sound recording studios in Belarus where you can do recording, mixing, mastering and music recording.

Sound Recording Studios in Belarus