Republic of Belarus

Shooting a movie in Belarus

If you are a producer or a production company looking for production support for shooting / filming in Belarus – we are glad to offer our service. There are service producers, directors, DoP’s, cameramen and videographers, sound operators and other technicians and talents in our team. Be free to contacts us for all necessary information for your shooting – any questions, estimates and references.

Below you can get some information as an introduction to Belarus: locations, permissions (permits), climate and recommendations for terms of shooting, costs, talents and film crew, equipment, art department, postproduction department, administrative and legal comments (work permits, visas, customs, etc.), hotels, transportation, communications and other questions.

Shooting / filming locations

Belarus is best known for its field and forest landscapes and thousands of beautiful lakes. Natural flora covers 90% of the land, and 1/3 of all green landscape is forest. Wide range of animals lives there (including bisons, wolves, deers and bears). Minsk is the capital and production center of the country. Locations include a lot of soviet-era objects, as well as modern architecture objects (such as the National Library and National Opera buildings and etc.). Also there are a lot of culture, religion and historical places – castles, temples, palaces, churches, towers and old military objects.

Location permits

Most locations are available given time, payment and the right approach. Be free to contact us for exact information. Also schedule should take into account public holidays.

Season of year

Belarus has a temperate-continental climate with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. Winter season (from December to March) is cold and snowy. Spring season (from April to May) is humid and rainy. Summer season (from May to September) is warm. This is the best time to film for weather. Fall season (from October to November) is also humid and rainy.

Seasons of year in Belarus

Cost and fee

Some local belarusian fees are relatively inexpensive. Some accomodation can be expensive. Talent day rate / salary are equitable and negotiated with a personal approach. In any case our local producer will arrange necessary deals and support the suitable level of production to fit every budget.

Film crew

Belarus has quite small pool of key specialists like directors, DoP’s and photographers. Some specialists are English speaking. For other cases there are a lot of good translators / interpreter available at your service.
Belarus is located close to several major production centers, so it makes easy access to great pool of appropriate specialists (Russia, Ukraine, European Union).

Let us know if you need any creative or technical specialist: director, DoP, videographer / cameraman / camera operator, sound operator, grip master, gaffer, camera assistant / focus puller, production / set designer, stylist, hair and makeup, PA / runner or any other to shoot in Belarus.

Rental houses / equipment

Belarus has several rental houses with wide range of equipment (light, cameras and lenses, dolly, crane) of major companies: Arri, Kinoflo, Dedolight, Red, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, MovieTech, GFM, Panther. Some specialized equipment can be brought in from abroad.

Tax Incentives

There are no tax incentives for foreign feature films or commercials in Belarus at this time.

Visa and Work Permission

Visa and entrance depends on a country of origin. You can contact your local Belarusian embassy or its representative for details. For any additional support contact us.

Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the United States of America
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of India
白俄罗斯共和国驻华大使馆 (Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Beijing, China)


All main roads are in very good condition. Also Belarus almost don’t have any trubles with traffic, so it’s easy to change set during a shooting day.
International Airport Minsk and central railway station of Belarusian railway with all necessary international flight / airways and rail directions are available at your service.

Transportation in Belarus - airport and railway station

Accommodation / residence service

There are a lot different options for accomodation in Belarus – especially hotels and appartments. The most popular hotels are:
Hotel Minsk
Victoria Olimp Hotel Minsk
President Hotel
Europe Hotel
Beijing Hotel Minsk
Hampton by Hilton Minsk City Centre

Please contact us for special deals and corporate rates.

Special advice

Please, take a look at this site for specific advice and embassy notes.

Our coordinator provide services and handle all other arrangements. These coordinates will help you obtain all legal documentation for filming and work permits as well as contact and coordinate with all relevant agencies. Local coordinator services include recruiting production crews and talents, location scouting and fulfilling clients’ specific needs for equipment, special effects and other technical services.